Upon returning from a spiritually rich trip to the west coast I was inspired by the mantra-esque beauty of a song that is “I Release Control” by Alexa Sunshine Rose.  Running on pure inspiration, I rushed home, plugged in my Line6 M13, and started looping away ūüôā

I Release Control (instrumental)

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End of an era w/ Cosmic Dust Bunnies

Well, it happened. ¬†Cosmic Dust Bunnies played our “Final Show” this past Friday at a place that has meant a lot to the band through the years. ¬†Toad’s Place, and New Haven in general, has always been the life blood of this group and it was extra special to be able to send it off proper. ¬†It was an honor to be a part of the group and I am forever thankful to the fans…it was a hell of a show too

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It’s been a while, but the project is ongoing! ¬†Here is the 6th in the series of music set to photographs.

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I am delighted to post that the group I have been working with for years has finally released a full length album! ¬†Took a while, but it is here! ¬†I play guitar and also vocalize on a few tracks, but the big “joy” was recording, editing, and mixing the thing. ¬†It is available everywhere digital music is, or click on the pic to buy directly from the bandcamp page.

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Music from a Planetarium released on earthMatra!


I am very excited to announce that the album (Music from a Planetarium) was released by the ambient label earthMANTRA. ¬†It was released in March as part of a resurgence of the label, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. ¬†They seem to be going strong and have released five great albums since then by some amazing ambient artists. ¬†Here is a link to the album page.

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Planetarium Music Imagined

I just released my first album, and I could not be more excited! The album is titled ‘Music From A Planetarium’ and consists of 12 tracks. Each track revolves around found sound recorded during a full moon. It began as a simple experiment and unfolded into a full project. Many thanks to everyone involved for the inspiration and pushing the work through to completion!
MFAP Cover

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Its been a snowy start to December here in New England and it’s technically not even winter yet! ¬†That being said, I have been gifted with some extra time to get some work done and am doing my best to take advantage. ¬†I always like to have many things going on at once which sometimes makes it hard to actually get anything finished…I’m trying to put an end to that. ¬†Anyway, here is the most recent in my series of music set to photographs‚ĶPhoto Music #5 – Boats


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